About FlyLink (10050 - 112 Street NW, Suites 904,Edmonton, AB, T5K 2J1,Canada.)

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Edmonton, AB, ,Canada.
Edmonton AB T5K2J1
Business Description: 
FlyLink is an online travel booking portal that is known for providing services like flight booking, rental car booking, and hotel reservation. The company is also known for offering the lowest fares and charges for these particular services. By doing so, the company has now built a strong database of loyal customers that only like to book their travel through FlyLink. To know more about FlyLink, customers can visit their official website where all the details regarding the services are mentioned. The site also lists all the destinations that FlyLink caters. The site will also inform the customers regarding all the current tariffs and charges. One may also contact the customer care department to know more about FlyLink and all the deals that are available.