West Side Mitsubishi

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17920 100 Avenue NW
Edmonton AB T5S2T6
Mon - Fri: 8:30AM - 8PM, Sat: 11AM - 8PM, Sun: 10AM - 5PM
Business Description: 
If you’ve ever had to deal with sub-par auto repair service, then you know the unique frustration and uncertainty that comes with being left in the dark. That’s why West Side Mitsubishi’s team of qualified service professionals goes above and beyond on every job, no matter how small, and will keep you updated throughout the process; you’ll never have to guess when your car will be back on the road, you’ll never have to pressure your mechanic to get the job done on time, and you’ll never have mysterious fees or service charges tacked onto your bill. We believe in honesty, efficiency, and treating our customers as though they’re part of our family.