She's Fit (Langley)

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6039 196th Street, #101
Langley BC V3S7X4
Mon - Thu: 6AM - 9PM, Fri: 6AM - 8PM, Sat: 8AM - 4PM, Sun: 8AM - 1PM



1 Review

I signed up for a membership at She's Fit. A few days later I also signed up for the Healthy Transformations program. I was excited to start a work out program and get a meal plan that included over 300 recipes!

While I have no problem with the gym itself or the equipment, I do have a major complaint about Healthy Transformations. The recipes aren't really recipes.. they are more like afternoon snacks for children. I received no support through the staff at the gym, as I have since found out that part of the program is to recieve support and encouragement from a staff member. The program was not what I expected. I was looking for a program that was not going to be a 'diet' but a lifestyle change. The suggested meals were not what I would consider meals that I could serve to my family, therefore making it hard to use these 'meals' for a lifestyle change.

This program may have worked if I had received the support I was entitled to, which includes weigh-ins and diet and exercize routine adjustments on a regular basis (I didn't even know all this when signing up). She's Fit is laying the blame for my lack of success on me without accepting the responsibility for their lack of commitment to me as a client.

After I voiced my concern, it took over 2 months, and a lot of unnecessary run-around to get any results. I feel they are not acknowledging or accepting responsibility that my membership was handled poorly. Their lack of decent customer service appalls me. Any other company with a disgruntled customer for this amount of time would be making every attempt possible to remedy the situation and try to keep the customer happy.

She's Fit seems to only care about bringing money in.