Toronto Naturopaths

JANE Creative Health for Life

2184 Queen Street East
Toronto ON M4E1E6
Business Description: 
Jane Creative Health for Life is your weight loss, nutrition and fitness coach in Toronto, ON. Jane Durst-Pulkys is a Toronto-based nutritionist, author and life coach. She specializes in Metabolic Balance weight management, holistic nutrition and education, live blood cell analysis, psychosomatic energetics – working with people from the inside out to literally transform their lives. Everyone has a unique physical makeup and unique health concerns. As a licensed Nutritionist, Jane will assist you with your personal health concerns and challenges. She is dedicated to motivating you to take control of your health and transform your body and change your life to a happier healthier you. At the core of everything Jane does to get to know you, your likes and desires, and your unique body chemistry. To craft you a tailored health management plan to get the most out of your life. Your healthy future starts here. No matter what your goals or challenges are, Jane has helped thousands of people from all around the world to live with total joy and health. Get in touch today to start the first day of the rest of your new life.


30A Hazelton Ave, Toronto, ON
Toronto ON M5R2E2
Business Description: 
Insynco is the first fully personalized online medical clinic in Canada uniquely designed to make healthy living simple and convenient. It’s like having your own doctor, nutritionist, fitness coach, and personal motivator all in one. We provide virtual or in-person consultations and provide access to in-app messaging and progress-tracking between sessions to help patients get the results they want, faster.


344 Dupont St., Suite 200
Toronto ON M5R1V9
Business Description: 
Joy Burlton is a classical homeopath running a successful and growing clinic located in Toronto. Joy raises awareness of the benefits of homeopathic medicine and homeoprophylaxis. For any questions regarding homeopathy in Toronto contact Joy to learn more.

Dr. Amauri Caversan

1200 Bay Street #1102
Toronto ON M5R2A5
Business Description: 
Dr. Amauri Caversan is a Naturopathic Doctor committed to optimizing his patients’ health, well-being & overall quality of life. Services offered in Toronto includes IV vitamin therapy treatments, pain treatments, detoxification, & wellness services.

Dr.Emmalee Maracle ND

1333 Sheppard Avenue East, Suite # 142
Toronto ON M2J1V1
Business Description: 
Licensed Naturopathic Doctor in North York, ON with a clinical focus on gastrointestinal health, women's health, and weight management.

The IV Lounge

1200 Bay Street #1102
Toronto ON M5R2A5
Business Description: 
The IV Lounge offers IV vitamin therapy in Toronto commonly used for the treatment and prevention of cancer, arthritis, chronic fatigue, colds and flu, this therapeutic practice also helps to hydrate the body and detoxify the liver and lymphatic system, thereby helping your body work more efficiently. If you want to know more about iv vitamin therapy benefits, contact us today!

Jaconello Wellness Centre for Intergative and Anti-Aging Medicine

615 Yonge St, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, 6th Floor
Toronto ON M4Y1Z5
Business Description: 
The wellness clinic focuses on Integrative Medicine – a discipline that addresses both the illness and the disease – as a means to treat individuals. The now independent clinic was founded by Dr. Jaconello in 1979. Using a holistic approach to patient care, the clinic combines testing, detoxification, and healthy lifestyle management, along with conventional medicine treatments. Dr Jaconello, one of the first practitioners to use Chelation therapy to assist in cardiovascular health, has been using this therapy successfully for over 15 years. Team of practitioners work to pinpoint the underlying causes that triggered symptoms by the use of health questionnaires, interviews with the patients, tests carried out through the clinic lab. Functional medicine, which addresses problems before a disease is discovered, is an evidence-based healthcare approach that focuses on assessment and early intervention to improve physiological, bio-mechanical and physical functions.


100 Consilium Place, Suite 200. Toronto, Ontario
Toronto ON M1H3E3

My Princess Cosmetic

Toronto City,
Toronto ON M5B2L9

Dr. Pat Nardini (Nardini Naturopathic)

320 Danforth Avenue, Suite #5
Toronto ON M4K1N8

Rebalance Sports Medicine (Yonge & Adelaide)

110 Yonge Street #905, Toronto, ON
Toronto ON M5C1T4
Business Description: 
Multidisciplinary clinic in downtown Toronto offering Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy and more.

Dempster Clinic, The

97 Scollard Street
Toronto ON M5R1G4

Wellpath Clinic

170 Bloor Street West, Suite 1106
Toronto ON M5S1T9