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1210 - 141 Adelaide St
Toronto ON M5H3L5
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Shop Insurance Canada has two goals, to give you the very best insurance policy possible and to help you save money when looking for coverage. Simply cutting costs is not good enough for us, because we know we can give you something more important, the perfect insurance protection to suit your needs and your budget. We believe value for money is the number one need for customers, achieving all insurance needs at the very best price possible. Is there anything worse than paying for something and then realizing you could have gotten better or cheaper somewhere else? We don’t think so, which is why our objective is always to give you “bang for your buck,” ensuring you never have to worry whether you are getting the best deal ___ Hours : 24/7.
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Great shop insurance

Taz Criss
1 Review

I wouldn't normally review an insurance company, but these guys really make my life easy. If I need to change up my policy its a quick painless process thats usually done within hours. My insurance is also the cheapest its been in years. I literally never worry about my insurance, even the renew process involves just an email. Def at least getta quote, it wont hurt.