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Mrs. J. Connor

1 Review

I visited Dr. Anne Stacey for treatment for a wrist injury after having my second child. Having not visited a chiropractitioner before, and only hearing horror stories, I was a little reluctant to go. However, I decided to make an appointment with her, as my family doctor suggested it would be the best thing for my wrist. I am to this day so glad that I attended. Not only did Anne treat my injury in a way that caused minimal discomfort, but she treated me in a manner that was very kind, calming and relaxing. After 3 weeks of treatment, I noticed a considerable amount of difference and was able to start using my wrist again. I was most impressed with the fact that Anne encouraged me to bring my son to my appointments, who was no more than 4 months old at the time, so she could also check him out. Again this treatment was very gentle, calming and relaxing for him and helped with the trapped wind issue he would suffer with occasionally, this also meant that the whole family was able to get some decent night sleeps. I was very impressed with Dr. Stacey's work and would not hesitate to refer someone to her that required some form of treatment. Thank you again Dr. Stacey.