Shoppers Drug Mart (East Broadway & Commercial)

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1755 East Broadway
Vancouver BC V5N 1W2
Mon - Fri: 6AM - 12AM, Sat - Sun: 8AM - 12AM


Racism and discrimination

1 Review

i had a horrible experience with the pharmacy. they conveniently switched me to the generic version of the prescription i was on for my painful disease of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Went through months of pain as i did not want my insurance company to be charged twice. went there to pick up my prescription and they again conveniently tried to provide me with the same version of the drug. I ended up getting into an argument with the pharmacist who rudely asked me "do u even have a job?" after that rude and racist remark i blew up and swore at her. I was already frustrated and feel foolish for my inappropriate behaviour. However, i am the customer and have worked in customer service for five years now for a financial institution dealing with frustrated cranky peoples finances. THAT IS NOT HOW YOU DEAL WITH FRUSTRATED CUSTOMERS. I was very upset and they tried to "escort" me out of the store...i would not leave however and the police were called. finally after realizing i was not going to get anywhere by sitting there, i left. i called the main line, gave them my information about her racist remark and left it at that.